International Maji Scientific Conference

Abstracts writing guidelines

One may submit a review or original research-based, policy-based or practitioner-oriented abstract as well as that focus on integrating policy, under any of the sub-themes below:

  1. Water supply and Sanitation Management (WSM)
  2. Water resources management (WRM)
  3. Water quality management (WQM)

Abstracts should have the following attributes:
1. Abstracts should be 150-200 words, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 font size.

   2. The title should be no more than 20 words, title case.
   3.  Author’s names should be listed as first name, middle initial, and surname. Indicate corresponding author with  asterisk *. Magori J. Nyangi

   4. Author affiliations should be included and marked with superscript numbers.

   5. Abstract should state objectives/goals, methods/ approaches, findings/results, and conclusions/ resolutions. List 4-6 keywords alphabetically.